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Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

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Despite your best efforts, mishaps happen, cell phones get wet. Whether you’ve dropped it in a sink full of water, spilled your tall glass of lemonade all over it, or have been pushed in a pool (very funny, guys), your first instinct may be to panic. Resist that urge and immediately follow these tips instead, they could potentially save your phone from no return. By knowing what to do, you may be able to avoid the worst kinds of cell phone water damage and salvage your phone completely.

Act Quickly

No matter what you try to do to save your cell phone, do it quickly. The longer it stays wet, the likelier it is to be damaged beyond repair. This is precisely why it pays to know what to do before you encounter this problem. If you have to research tips when it’s already wet, you won’t be able to act very quickly, so pay attention!

Remove Battery

Immediately begin drying the phone with a cloth or paper towel. Take additional cloths or paper towels and lay the phone on them. Don’t move the cell phone around too much because doing so could make the water get in even more deeply. In an effort to avoid cell phone water damage, you may be tempted to take apart your device. This is a good way to destroy it completely. Remove the cover and any peripherals, and make sure to remove the battery as many circuits inside the phone can survive water damage as long as they are not attached to a power source. Be sure to also remove the SIM card if your phone has one. This card is where most of your valuable data, such as contacts and pictures, are stored, in which case may be more worthy of saving than the phone. Beyond that, though, don’t try to open up the phone or otherwise take it apart.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Removing moisture from the exterior of a cell phone is simple enough. What you really need to worry about is the moisture that’s trapped inside it. A great way to remove a lot of it is by using a vacuum cleaner. You should try to vacuum your phone for about 20 minutes. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner or shop vac is preferable, but a standard one will do in a pinch. It is vital that you do not use a hair dryer to try and dry out your phone, a mistake made all too frequently. Because blow dryers blow out air, instead of sucking it in like a vacuum cleaner, it could potentially force moisture further into your phone. The heat from the hot air of the blow dryer could also pose damaging effects to your phones electrical components

Try Desiccants

A desiccant is a material that absorbs water readily. The easiest one to come by at the drop of a hat is rice. Fill a bowl or bag with rice and bury your cell phone into it. The silica gel packets that often come in shoe boxes and other items may be used too. Craft stores sell desiccants for drying out flowers that can be used to absorb the moisture from your phone. As a common rule of thumb, you should leave your phone submerged in these items for at least overnight.

Don’t Assume You can Use the Warranty

Many people don’t realize that water damage is not covered in their warranty and won’t actively try and recover their phone after it has become wet. Unless you are positive you have purchased extra warranty to cover this situation, be prepared to take all steps necessary to save your phone after getting wet.
As a preemptive measure, you might consider keeping a wet cell phone emergency kit handy. There are also waterproof cases for those of you prone to accidents. In any event, cell phone water damage doesn’t have to mean the death of your device, so next time your phone takes that frightful plunge into the water, keep these tips in mind.

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